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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hack yahoo account easily

halo everyone, these days ive heard a lot of voice that "i want hack yahoo account but i dont know how to use keylogger, Rat, pishing those kinda tool" so today im going to show you the easy way to steal yahoo email account and password by using some program. follow the direction and i hope you like it!

The name of this program is Magic PSIts a wonderful software utility which sends User ID and password of the victim to your yahoo account.

Steps for Hacking:

  • 1.  First of all download this program from HERE ( It's recommended to turn off Anti-Virus before using it)
  • 2. Extract it on desktop (The file is in .zip format so you have to extract it)
  • 3. Choose the desired option, give your Yahoo ID, bind it with other file, choose any icon, and other options as your choice.
  • 4. At last you will see a newly created .exe file.
  • 5. Send it to the victim, as soon as he will run it you will get his ID and Password
Screenshot of the program:

I will recommend you to use these option as shown in screenshot below:

I hope you really enjoy it.